One Little Word: Healthy

My first SheArt girl created during the SheArt Workshop

Way back in January, it seems like ages ago, I picked healthy as my word for 2011. Without going into too many details, I've become incredibly unhealthy. I'm not sick. I'm not dying. I'm just sort of toxic. I'm cranky. I'm negative. I've been unhappy. I'm overeating. I'm overspending. I'm gaining weight. I realized I was really unhealthy. There are a lot of reason. I know what they are. But rather than share them, I'd like to share what I'm doing to be healthy.

 One of the things I promised myself was I'd find more time for myself and more time to be creative. To help with this goal, I've signed up for some sort of challenge or class each month. I did Art Journal Every Day for the month of January. I did LOAD (Layout a Day) for February. March is the SheArt Workshop. And in April I'm doing an e-course on blogging ... the rest of the year will unfold as I decided what I'm most interested in. 

My point? I'm trying all sorts of new things. I'm trying to figure out what my passion is. I'm making myself take time for me. I'm forcing myself to create and becoming more creative in the process. 

The results? A much happier me. A happier mama and wife. I feel like I am finding my true, authentic self. I'm doing things I want to do and I 'm doing them the way I want to do them. I'm tuning out what others have to say and doing what's best for me. I honestly never thought too much about the concept of art therapy. But SERIOUSLY, it's the best therapy for me. I'm able to pour soul into these canvases/pages and then work through my issues as I create.

Another bonus? There's lots of times when Shelby wants to create with me. She has been watching all the SheArt workshop videos along side me, and even though she's only 6 she is totally mesmerized by the content. She picked out her own art journal this weekend and I can often find her in our "craft" room working away on her art. For my next SheArt she wants me to use the words "every dream begins with just one step" ... totally her idea and her own words. I will .. for her. And then she can have it for her own room.

For more information on the SheArt Workshop .. go here. I highly recommend it.