This post is brought to you by the letter B ... here's a little peek at me and what makes me ... umm, me. This weekly series is "All About Me: from A to Z." Check out my inaugural post if you want to know more about why I'm doing this!

Books: When I was little my mom used to read all the time. She had this ability to lose herself in a book so completely that she heard or saw nothing of what was going on around her. It used to drive me nuts. I’d yell “mom” over and over again and her eyes would never rise from the page. Short of shaking her it was impossible to get attention. I thought she was just ignoring us that it wasn’t humanly possible to tune the world out while reading a book. And then, when my daughter shook me as I was reading, to pull me back to the real world, I realized I'm just like my mom. Give me a book and the world around me disappears. I have a love for reading that is only matched by my love for my husband and children. I’m in heaven in a book store. I can spend hours wandering the aisles and pouring over the various titles. In the library, I take pictures of books I want to read. I pull out book reviews and save them in a little file for future reference because who knows when I’ll run out of books to read and need help finding another?

Babies: When I was a little girl, I was certain I would have lots of babies. I knew I was cut out for motherhood, surrounding by lots of babies. And then I became a mother. I love my babies. I might just have the world’s most perfect children -- the most precious boy and the sweetest girl. There are days I think I might love them too much. My heart aches with all the love I have for them. They are the reason I wake up each morning and make me great. Very early on in my career as a mother, I realized that I’m not cut out to be the mother of a small army. I don’t have the patience required to raise a brood like that. I like my job and want to keep working. It sounds a little selfish, but in fact it’s just a matter of knowing my self; knowing what I am capable of; and making sure I’m the best mama to the two kids I have.
Breakfast: I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. I love all things related to breakfast! Bacon, eggs, toast … you name it and I’ll eat it. I remember one of the greatest treats as a kid was to have breakfast for dinner. Usually that meant we had pancakes and sausage. I used to dip my fat little sausages in the syrup. Just thinking about it makes me hungry for breakfast.