You two are awesome

Here's my latest layout. It was based on the April sketch for Scrap Happy. After I did Layout A Day ... I wanted to stay involved in a community that would continue to push and inspire me to keep scrapping. Each month at Scrap Happy, Lain post a sketch and then everyone else shares their take on it. She also provides a "15-minute layout" idea, which I find especially helpful.

Mike sent me this photo via text last week. It was right after he had picked up the kids after spending the weekend with me in NYC. The kiddos were very happy to see their daddy.

I love the happy colors and feel of this layout. It's kind of smiling ... if that makes sense. I'm also proud of myself because I took an embellishment I like, but didn't quite work ... and made it work.  

Journaling reads: 

"You two kids are awesome. I can’t even imagine what life would be like without you. You make me laugh. You make me feel like I matter. You make me proud. I just adore the two of you. I wouldn’t change a thing about the two of you."