Three for Friday

I’ll be honest. I’m sort of dragging today. I’m in Nashville on business and have been here since Wednesday. I’m working a night shift at The Tennessean, so my sleep schedule is all askew. I forced myself to get out of bed, go to lunch and take a walk ... but I really just want to sleep! I head home early in the morning, so I’m hoping my family will pump some energy into me, especially since we have a lot going on this weekend. SO here are three random things I have running through my head at the moment:

1. Over at the PxlCafe blog there is a feature called Fontastic Friday. Each week one of the creative team members picks a free font and then we all create pages using the chosen font. This week’s font was Smiley Monster. Here’s the layout I created using Smiley Monster for my title. I used the “All Roads Lead Home” Kit from PxlCafe for the layout, which I love.  Funny story about the photo: I found it on my iPhone. At dinner a few weeks ago, Shelby was playing with my phone and I guess was taking pictures. There were a lot of random, useless sort of photos … but then I saw this one … adorable. She used the Instagram ap to take it and it’s quite fabulous if you ask me. Kind of fun to find surprise pictures!

2. Layout a Day starts on Sunday. I can’t wait. I’m trying to come up with some layouts I really, really want to do. I was thinking about limiting my supplies to the May Digi Files from The Daily Digi… thought that would be a fun challenge and since they are crammed full of goodies, I would have tons of stuff to choose from.

3. Shelby got her hair cut this week. It looks adorable. She told me on Monday morning that she really wanted to chop off her hair and get hooks. Hooks? She meant a bob ... and since a bob looks like the hair is hooking onto the chin, her description was spot on. While at the mall she saw a photo of a girl with a bob AND bangs, so she then decided she just had to have bangs too. I'm trying to let her make her own "fashion" and "hair" choices (within reason of course), so I let her get it cut exactly the way she wanted. The result? Totally cute and summer ready. She is proud of her choice and keeps telling me she looks like the girl from the movie "Tron."