LOAD in underway

Woo-hoo. Layout a Day has started and I'm already loving it. This is my second LOAD and really think I'll be doing it over and over again ... Just like last time, I am obsessively checking Flickr to look at other people's layouts and to see if my layouts have comments. I just love having people look at my layouts and give me feedback .

The theme of this LOAD is back to the basics. For our first prompt we were suppose to create a page that was photos, cardstock, patterned paper, journaling and a simple title ... no embellishments. I cheated a little, but this page did turn out to be a pretty simple and easy page. The title was totally Shelby's idea. I told her I was going to do this page with the Photobooth pic she and Mike took and she came up with the title ... so I have to give her credit for the fabulous title.

Journaling reads:

My company bought me a fancy new iPad2, we are after all a technology company ... so we have to keep up with the latest and greatest. As much as I love the new iPad, my family loves it more. The iPad2 came loaded with the Photobooth application, which is proving to be tons of fun. For the last few hours, Mike and Shelby have been taking silly pictures of themselves and laughing non-stop. Loud, full belly laughs. I love the results. These photos are hilarious ... and there are more where these came from.  


This is my layout for day two. We were suppose to use contrast in our design. I think there is a lot of contrast in the design and the color. The photo is my week 17 photo for the 52 Week Project.

This page is SO not a page I would normally create. I never, ever use black cardstock, but the photo seemed to work best with the black. I took the picture with my iPad using the Photobooth Ap. I was able to create this layout while in flight on my way to NJ for business. I decided no matter where I am at or what I'm doing, I'm going to make time for LOAD and for me. It's amazing what you can do when you make time.


Have you ever done LOAD? Any tips on how to make it through 31 straight days of layout creating? What was the best part of LOAD?