Vacation sickies

I’m on vacation with my family right now. We’re staying in a hotel right next to Disneyland. I wasn’t planning on blogging while away. Seriously, I wasn’t! But my little guy is sick. So we’re stuck in the hotel room. My husband took the big one over to Disneyland today and I’m hanging out in the hotel room with the little one. He’s on his second nap of the day (normally unheard of for him), so I have some time to kill.

Today's sick child ...

So when I planned this vacation, I had big plans. It was going to be perfect. We’d spend lots of days exploring Disneyland, which I love, have always loved and love more than Disney World (just saying). We’d enjoy the hotel pool and room service. We’d make a trip to the beach. We’d do all the things I love about Southern California. I was born and raised here, so I love any chance to come back and show my kiddos the place I love(d) so much.


But the best of plans never seem to turn out the way they do in my head! Our first night here, my daughter was sick … puked four times. Yep, four times. She was up most of the night; vomited all over not one, but two beds. She had to shower multiple times to get the puke out of her hair. And then when she was finally all puked out at about 3 a.m., the baby woke up and had trouble going back to sleep.
Then on the second night, I was sick. I had no appetite and eventually started throwing up what little food I ate that day. Mind you, we still went to Disneyland. We still went to the pool. We weren’t going to let anything slow us down.  

Then came day three … and the little one seemed really tired. So, after spending the morning at California Adventure and having lunch with all the Princesses at Ariel’s Grotto, we headed back to the hotel for a break. My little guy went right to sleep and woke up with a fever of 102. We medicated him, got lots of fluids in him and he fell asleep for the night around 5 p.m.
Now we’re up to day four. Cooper is still sick. I’m finally feeling better. But the two of us are camped out at the hotel while Mike and Shelby are at Disneyland. I’m so grateful that both of us aren’t sick. I’m grateful he took her over to the park and they’re having a great time (he keeps texting me pictures … and it’s clear they are having a blast). I’m grateful my little guy is such a trooper. Even sick, he’s such a joy to be around. I’m crossing my fingers he rebounds as quickly as his sister and I did.

A peek at today's Disneyland adventures. As I type this, Mike and Shelby are
waiting in line at Pixie Hallow to meet Tinkerbell, her favorite Disney character.

On a totally positive note, when we checked into our hotel we were given a FREE upgrade to the Presidential Suite. It has three rooms, three huge flat screen TVs, two bathrooms … it makes traveling with kids SO nice. This is definitely a huge perk of all the travel I do.

This is the "parlor" as they call it. It has a dinig room table
that sits 8, two big couches and a full bathroom .That's just
part of our three room suite!


The kicker is ... last year when we were on vacation (also here at Disneyland), Cooper got sick. He got so sick he ended up in the hospital and was there for two days. I'm starting to feel a little cursed. Have you had any nightmare vacations? Is there anything you do to make sure your vacations aren't a bust? I always over pack my kids, which helped when my daughter puked on three different sets of pajamas in less than two hours! And I pack every kind OTC medicine we might need, which has also been helpful this week. What do you do?