All about me: The Letter F

This post is brought to you by the letter F ... here's a little peek at me and what makes me ... umm, me. This weekly series is "All About Me: from A to Z." Check out my inaugural post if you want to know more about why I'm doing this!

Friday Night Lights: One of my very favorite shows on TV is “Friday Night Lights.” Each and every time the opening sequence rolls, I desperately want to live in Texas; or more specifically the Texas the show portrays. I was heartbroken when I found out this would be the last season of the show. I dutifully watch every episode and love to watch the reruns. If there was just one show I could watch, it would be “Friday Night Lights.” I love the character Tami Taylor. She’s the kind of wife, mother, friend, woman I want to be. She’s got so much drive, spunk and passion. She loves her family and she’s good at her job. Basically, she rocks, as does Connie Britton who portrays her.   

Family: I have a big family. Four brothers and one sister, sisters-in-law, brother-in-law, almost 14 nieces and nephews (another one is on its way so that’s the “almost”). Since both my parents came from large families themselves, 6 for my Dad and 7 for my Mom, I also had lots of cousins around while growing up. I’ve always loved my big, loud, chaotic family … but at times also felt very overwhelmed by it. Now, as an adult I have trouble dealing with chaos, noise and big crowds. I crave quiet and order. Maybe that’s a direct effect of my childhood. Who knows? I attribute my tendency to talk really loud and fast to my family ... if you wanted my mom to hear ya you had to be louder and faster than the other five kids vying for her attention. I'm proud to say I can out yell most of my siblings.
My feet
Feet: I have a thing for my feet. Love ‘em. I know, strange. I think it’s ‘cause no matter what my hair looks like or if I’m carrying a few extra pounds, my feet are always cute. I take extra care of my feet, since they are also prone to cracking and aching – weekly pedicures, nightly lotion, soft socks – I totally baby these puppies. As I fall asleep each night I rub my foot against my husband’s foot. Some people snuggle, I prefer a good foot rub. Also, I must point out, I have a tattoo on my right foot ... two actually. I got my first tattoo (some flowers) on the topof my foot. I added a butterfly to the flowers when Mike and I were in Austin a few years back.