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If you know anything about me, then you know that I travel a lot for work. This means I'm away from my family quite a bit. I didn't realize I do this, but I think one of the reasons I scrap so much is to make up for not being there. I am making something special for my children and it allows me to tell them stories and connect with them, even when I'm not there. Because this mean so much to me, even my husband is starting to get on board. He's now regularly texting me photos that include messages like "this would be great for a scrapbooking" page. So, this photo is one of those he sent me and tagged it scrap-worthy.

Journaling reads:

I hope have a long, happy life.
... you always stay close to your sister.
... you find someone to love.
... you believe in yourself, like I believe in you.
... you find something to do, create or be that makes your heart sing.

A few weeks ago, I was excited to find out that one of my layouts was going to be published. I shared the news with my husband and he in turn shared it with all the ladies in his office (he's the ONLY man who works at his company). They asked him, "How often does Kimberly scrap?" Once a week?" He replied, "Nope. She creates a layout every day." He told me that their faces dropped and he got the sense that they felt like really bad mothers because they don't scrapbook their children at all, let alone each and every day. Now, I don't share this to toot my horn. I share this because it shows that as mothers we all have different thing to offer our children. I know for a fact that the mamas in my husband's office are good mamas. They are are the kind of mothers who help out at their children's schools, take them to soccer practice, are up late doing homework ... very dedicated mothers. I too am a dedicated mother, but there are days and weeks I have to show my love and dedication in a different way. I choose to do it through story telling and scrapbooking.

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Grunge Overlay, House of 3
Photo, my husband (Mike)