Crazy busy

This week is a non-travel week for me. And like every other non travel week, I've been crazy busy.

Shelby right before her first performance

This week Shelby had three talent show performances. She did a hula hoop routine. Totally her idea and choreographed by her and Daddy.  

We're looking for a new school for Shelby, so I have been touring schools and filling out applications (edited: we found a charter school we love and they just added an additional second grade class, so she's no longer wait-listed .. she's in!!! Her class will be just 10 to 12 kids. And Coop is going to go to the preschool they offer at an adjoining campus).

We've been working on the backyard. It looks better than it has in ages. The old trampoline is all broken down and gone. The garden is cleaned out and replanted.

Of course there are all the normal, every day sort of tasks ... laundry, homework, grocery shopping, etc. I still have two baskets of laundry to fold and at least three more to wash. How do we go through so much laundry.

And I've been scrapping like a mad woman (I'm doing LOAD again, so I've been creating at the very least a layout a day).

Here's a peek at some of my favorite layouts of the last week or so ...

The layout above was for today (LOAD20). I took the picture last night while sitting with Shelby at her last talent show performance. She said, "Mom, let's see how much we can squish our noses together." So we did. We giggled, a lot. And I got a picture of us doing it.  I'm using this photo for my self portrait this week (week 20).


This layout was for LOAD day 19. I took the phone on my iPhone while Shelby and I were at Color Me Mine. 

 Journaling reads:

Shelby and I spent a few hours at Color Me Mine yesterday. I had a gift certificate Mike gave me for Christmas that was just begging to be used. Shelby was thrilled to have a mother + daughter date and was especially excited since it included something crafty. As we painted (a ceramic monkey) and chatted, I had a thought: It’s moments like this that confirm my decision to not have any more children. We firmly decided last year that we were going to have just two kids ... the two fabulous kids we have. Don’t get me wrong, there are days I think “well, maybe we’ll have just one more.” But then I am blessed to have special one-on-one time with my girl and I think “this is perfect.” With two kids I get to give them each a ton of attention. I can take the big one to paint and the little one to the park. I can spend valuable time reading with both of them,. Growing up in a big family, I loved having lots of siblings, but there were definitely times when I wished I had more attention, especially one-on-one attention from my parents.  Though I’ll miss having a little baby, more so now that Coop is becoming big boy, I am so grateful for all the precious time I have with the two wonderful babies I do have.


This photo was my self portrait for week 19. It was taken on my iPhone while sitting at a stop light!

Journaling reads:

When I look at this photo, I have so much trouble looking at it without obsessing over the wrinkles that have started to crop up around my eyes. Aging is really beginning to bother me. It never did, but now all of the sudden, it’s a huge issue for me. I inspect my wrinkles all the time. But what I should be focusing on is this picture is of someone who works really hard. Someone who travels all over the world and has seen great things through her travels. Someone who takes great care of her children and loves them more than life itself. Someone who tries to be a good wife. Someone who loves to create art and tries each to to make something beautiful. Wrinkles will come. It’s
inevitable. I have to get over it. But all the other stuff that makes me great ... that’s what matters.


Yet another iPhone picture. We were out to dinner at Olive Garden and I snapped this one of Shelby eating dessert. Just after I took the photo she asked me "Mom, can you make a scrapbooking page of this?"

I saw a paper layout by Cindy Liebel (she was one of the April teachers at Masterful Scrapbook Design) where she punched out a ton of little flowers and sprinkled them on her page. I wanted to see if I could do something like that, but digital.

Journaling reads:

We went out to dinner last night. You ate all your dinner and asked for dessert ... and since you’d been so good, we said yes. The joy on your face as you savored your treat was priceless. Oh the simple pleasures ... 


And here's my last layout to share today. The photo was taken as part of the 52 Photos, 52 Weeks Challenge. The prompt for week 19 was smell. And Cooper definitely has some pretty distinct smells .. good and bad.

Journaling reads:
I'm not sure how something can smell so good and then so bad ... all within a matter of minutes. Coop still has that sweet baby smell, and I love to just snuggle with him and bury my nose in his neck. But within minutes, after doing his business, he smells horrible! I can't wait until he's out of diapers and the stinky, poopy smells are gone.