Welcome to my world

Today my house is a disaster -- toys strewn about; piles of clean laundry in desperate need of folding; a dwindling supply of fresh food … not like me at all, but I’m sick. Cooper is sick. We both have bronchitis. I still have work to do, so I’m letting some things slide. 

Shelby has been taking pictures of herself a lot lately,
thanks to my new iPhone4.

I completed five expense reports today; printed out all the paper work that goes with them; wrangled up the appropriate receipts; and stuffed all the necessary parts into envelopes. I even managed to make it to The UPS store and mail them off to Denmark. I hate doing expense reports more than anything else in this world. I’ll eat bugs. I’ll eat dirt. But please don’t make me do expense reports.

I got a new work computer. Still working to get it all set up the way I like it. It’s a lot faster than the machine I’ve been working on, but it has Photoshop CS3 instead of CS5 (like my current machine), so I’m relearning Photoshop CS3. Bummer.

As I worked today, Shelby was perched next to me on a second laptop. She worked on creating artwork and letters for her cousins. We walked hand-in-hand to the mailbox to send special notes to New Mexico. Shelby can’t stop talking about our upcoming trip to Idaho. She’s making great plans for camp outs with her cousins, her first solo horseback ride with Papa, a trip down the monster slide at the town pool … and the list goes on and on. She said, “I love vacation mom and I love especially love vacation when it’s to Papa’s house.”

With the help of an iPhone ap, Shelby made
this for her Papa, since she has big plans
of fishing when she goes to Idaho.

Cooper asked to sit on the potty today. He didn’t do anything once he got there, but it’s a start. He was a stinker all day -- running around screaming; demanding to watch “Mickey Mouse”; begging to eat nonstop; and yapping and yapping about duckies, monkeys and juice boxes. His vocabulary is exploding and his ability to communicate is improving with each passing day.  Just today he said "Tank ooo Duckie Mommy," telling me thank you for the rubber duck I bought him at Target. 

Now, it’s time to read my book and go to bed early. Just what the doctor ordered.

Note: This is my 800th post. How in the neck did I get to 800? It feels like I just started blogging, but I guess it's been five years .... yikes!