You blink and they are all grown up

You see a pretty girl, ready for summer fun. True. That she is. But I see a girl who went to bed my little, little girl and woke up on the verge of something more.  Her legs are what set me off.  They are so long and suddenly she is so tall. She comes to my shoulder, and can barely be tucked under my arm.

The chub on her face is gone. She no longer has that little-girl, pouchy belly. She's leaning out and growing up. Couple that with the things that interest her -- tween tv, the iPad, talking on the phone with her friends -- and it's clear Shelby is on the fast track to adulthood.

I know every parent laments about this, " my kids are growing up way to fast." Most of the time Shelby seems like she's on a steady path of growth. But in the last six months I feel like there has been an explosion of change. She is not a toddler anymore. She's so much more mature. She understands more than we give her credit for. She's smart and empathetic. She's so tender and kind. I love the little woman she's turning into, but miss the little baby she once was.

You see a sweet kiddo who is a scooter master. I can't see a thing because I'm blinded by tears. I wish I could stop time at this very moment; and hold her close, at this age, forever.