10 on the 10th

Ten things I’m doing right now:

1. Creating some blog posts using these cool blogging story boards from Lauren Reid:

2. Getting ready for the first day of school; this happens to be tomorrow.

3. Putting together my Week in the Life pages. I’m using this kit from Traci Reed:

4. Reading on my iPad ... this book specifically, “A Scattered Life.”

5. Folding laundry. I always seem to be folding laundry.

6. Reading this book for this book club.

7. Preparing to potty train my little guy. He’s “supposed”to be potty trained by tomorrow when he starts preschool. He’s not!

8. Trying to get motivated to go to the gym.

9. Creating with an adorable kit from Baers Garten. It will be released at The Lily Pad on the 19th.

A little peek at the kit.

10. Working on getting caught up on all my online classes (three from Big Picture and one from Shimelle).

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