First Day of School 2011

I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s totally quiet at my house. Both kids are in school. And I have two more days of vacation. I’m almost lost without work or kids.

Shelby went back to school today. She started the second grade at the most awesome charter school. Her class, taught by Julie, has just 10 kids in it.  Her public school class would have had 29 kids, which is one of the major reasons we decided to make the switch. This morning we managed to get out of the house early, even with me packing lunches for both kids, and arrived at school with time to spare. Shelby had already met her teacher and was able to get settled into her room and play a little before the bell rang. We’re all super excited about the new school year and our new school. It’s going to be a really great place for Shelby with lots of one-on-one attention.

Cooper also started school today. He’s now in preschool (at the same school as Shelby). His teacher Miss Brenda is helping us with potty training … yep he’s officially started potty training. Cooper wasn’t the least bit sad to see me go, in fact he kept trying to shoo me away “Bye Mama. Bye.”  He was thrilled with all the new toys, new play equipment and new faces to play with. I’ll admit I was a little sad, but I’m also excited to be entering into this new phase with Cooper. I know this preschool environment will help him grow, expand his vocabulary, improve his communication skills and of course help all of us tackle the potty-training beast. But it will also certainly make him a big boy and I’m sad to see my baby grow up. Cue sad music and tears.

It’s just 10:45 now and I’m itching to know how things are going for both kids. I’ve already called the preschool once … it’s going to be a long morning for me!