New fav

I made this layout for an assignment over at PxlCafe. As soon as I was done with it I decided it's one of m all time favorite layouts. I love, love everything about it, but more than anything I love the journaling.

Journaling reads:

It was supposed to be a happy day. A party was planned. Miss Jaime made you a special cake. Presents had been wrapped. Instead, you spent your first birthday in the hospital. You were very sick – vomiting, diarrhea, fever and eventually severe dehydration. Seven different attempts were made to get an IV in. You’re little veins were hard to find, and when they did, they would collapse. My heart just broke with every poke and scream. They were about to intubate, but wonder nurse managed to get an IV in your foot.  Seeing you’re little one-year-old self on the huge hospital gurney made me cry. I stayed by your side all night and day. Daddy was there too. Nana and Big Mike took great care of Shelby through it all. It turned out to be a happy day after all, you responded well to treatment and my healthy, happy boy came back to play.