Not feeling much like blogging

I may not feel like blogging, but I do feel like doing other things ...

I feel like scrapping, so I scrapped these two pages:

Credits: Baers Garten Friday Kit

Journaling reads:

This girl loves her dog. Love probably doesn’t accurately describe how Shelby feels about Cassius. The day before this picture was taken; we discovered a small growth on Cassius’ paw. We made the mistake of talking about it at a time and place that Shelby could hear. Upon hearing Cassius “could” have cancer, she broke down into a big sobbing mess. It was nearly impossible to console her. She couldn’t imagine her world without Cassius. Since then, Cassius has been the vet. The growth is benign. And Shelb can go back to just loving her sweet, precious doggy.

Credit: Baers Garten Apple Sherbet Kit;
Hero font; photo by Amy DeMucha Barron

Journaling reads:

Cooper has suddenly discovered ice cream.We stopped at Reed’s Dairy while in
Idaho Falls and he devoured his very first cone. More made it onto his face, hands and the table than in his mouth ... but he still enjoyed his sweet treat.

I feel like reading, so I read this:

You can read more about it here. I finished it in a few days and have moved onto this book. I'm also reading this book with Shelby:

I felt like getting into shape, so I've started the C25K program:

I finished my first week and start my second tomorrow. I managed to workout four times last week. I'm also thinking about doing this. I also rejoined Weight Watchers. I have some serious issues with food. I don't at because I need fuel or I am hungry. I am a serious emotional eater. I'm hoping that if I stick to s strict program I can work through some of that. And it will also help with the weight I've put on from traveling.

And since I'm in Des Moines on business, I went to the Iowa State Fair (my first time) and did this:

What are you doing? Anything exciting?