I haven't done any of the layouts from the Big Idea Festival over at Big Picture Classes ... until I saw the Day 7 prompt: Cherish. It's might sound silly to say I was inspired to scrap these photos when I read the the word of the day ... but that's what happened. I knew immediately what I wanted to scrap and what I wanted to say. And this is the end result:


... because, before you know it they aren’t so little any more. Cooper is only 2 years and four months old, but he’s nothing like the little baby we brought home the spring of 2009. He is talking all the time. He goes to preschool. He wears big-boy underwear. He’s mastered an iPad. He likes some of the same  shows Shelby watches. He isn’t a baby anymore, not at all. I’m continually reminded  how quickly the magical  years of childhood pass. They grow up so fast.  Cherish every single minute.