A layout (or two or three)

I haven't shared a lot of layouts lately. I've been creating a ton of layouts, both for creative team assignments and just for me. I'm in the home stretch of The Mother Load over at Big Picture Classes and will soon finish up nearly a month of daily layouts. Here are a few of the layouts I've been creating over the last few weeks.

Here's one of me and Mike. I don't do a lot of these. Not sure why. Maybe because I don't have a lot of pictures of the two of us. We've been taking more of them lately, so that means more layouts.
Credits: Che Yang Bloom Kit for the September 2011 Digi Files; Coffeeshop Golden Vintage action (for photo); and CK Ali font.


Journaling reads: Kalil house, but even more so when I’m gone. Daddy loaded the kids in the car, and they got all the way to school before Shelby realized she didn’t have any shoes
on. There wasn’t a spare pair in the car. A very frustrated Mike took Shelby to Target
and bought her these shoes. 

ETA: When Miked called me to verify what size shoe Shelby wears and told me the story, I burst out    laughing. He said, in a gruff voice, "It's not funny." Actually Mike, it's quite funny and even funnier because it's didn't happen to me!

Credits: CK Ali Font, Baers Garten Days of School kit.


A little snap shot of what my little guy is like right now. The journaling reads:

Right now, this boy ...

loves to go to preschool and spend his day with Miss
Brenda. He packs his lunch in the cutest elephant lunch box
loves his mama more than anyone else in the world
If I’m home, then Coop is right next to me.
drags around a thread-bare blankie, a stuffed Elmo and sucks his thumb when he’s tired. So precious.
loves to laugh. And when other people laugh, he makes himself laugh this silly, loud chuckle.
won’t eat meat. Loves bagels and yogurt.

Credits:  Ella Publishing free kit with purchase (Crystal Wilkerson); {The Room Collection} Elements Pack, Crystal Wilkerson; Typewriter Scribble Font; CK Ali Font; Hero Font