Extracurricular Activities

Shelby is now taking karate. Her new school has an AWESOME after-school program (among many, many other great things) that includes the option for number of different extracurricular activities. We showed Shelby the list of all that was offered and told her she could choose three different classes. I had my opinion on what she should take, but we left it up to her so it would be things she wanted to do and not what we wanted her to do.

She settled on karate, piano and art. Her cousins, Trevor and Griffin, are taking karate, so she wanted to take it as well. When I am in town, I can take her to her classes. When I'm not, the school takes her or in the case of piano, the teacher comes to her.

She is loving all of her classes. I mean, SERIOUSLY loving them. After her first piano lesson she came right home and practiced. At karate, she listened intently and followed all the instructions from her teacher. And when she got home, she proudly showed off her new skills to daddy.