I. Did. It.

Me, just after completing Day 3, Week 5 of C25K ...
and running for 20 minutes straight!

I'm really not a runner. Or at least I haven't been for most of my adult life. The last time I really ran and ran regularly was when I was on active duty with the Army. And that was way back when I was 19-ish and at least 25 pounds lighter. So, when I committed to doing the C25K program and eventually a half-marathon, I knew it would be hard. Super hard.

The last few years have been incredibly tough on my body -- babies, work, age, constant travel ... life. All these things have made me soft, achy, cranky and have taken really left my body pretty battered. I want (ed) to reclaim my body. And so I have.

When I started out yesterday I was pretty certain there was no way I could run for 20 minutes straight. I had so much anxiety leading up to this workout. And when I started my workout, I hit the wrong button. It gave me the workout for Day 1, Week 1 ... which is now SUPER easy for me. As I ran the 90-second sprint, I considered just sticking with the easy workout and postponing the longer run for another day. But since I had stressed about the 20-minutes since I realized I had to do it, I fixed the mistake and embarked on the Day 3, Week 5 workout in all its sweat and pain.

I discovered something in those 20 minutes, or rather, I was reminded of something. I'm pretty stinkin' tough; and when I put my mind to something, I always do it. I can do just about anything. I ran my 20 minutes. I even sprinted my last 60 seconds. And I felt fabulous when I was done. I am proud of myself and I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

I'm inching my way toward that half-marathon. I will do it.