A big-boy bed for a big boy

The speed at which Cooper is growing and changing is mind blowing. Every single say, he does something new and different. I do not remember time flying by so fast with Shelby.
About 10 days ago he started climbing out of his crib in the middle of the night and would show up next to our bed. We "hoped" it was a fluke occurrence, but he started doing it every night and so we knew it was time to upgrade him to a big-boy bed. I was terrified that he'd seriously hurt himself when he was "climbing" out of his bed.

On Saturday (Oct. 1), we went out, and with the help of Shelby, picked the cutest big-boy ever. Mike insisted on a "boyish" bed and we found one that would go with the current decor of his room with little adjustments. The bed is a race car and Cooper loves it.

I also made him a new blanket to sleep with (a fleece blanket with Cars on it) and he loves his new blanket. When I showed him it for the first time, he crawled right under it and got all snugly. 

That night ... Operation "Big-Boy Bed" was a huge success. Coop hopped right into his big-boy bed and when I asked him if he still wanted me to sing and rock him like I always have he said "No. Night, night Mama." And that was it. I turned off the light, left the room and he's fast asleep. Sniff.