October (so far)

I really wanted to try and blog every single day in October. And here I am on the 7th thinking "was that really a good goal?"

If anything, it's a great exercise for me. It forces me to form a habit. It helps me write daily, which is another personal goal. But today, I'm cranky, tired and suffering from back pain (a chronic issue that got worse once I had Cooper) ... so I don't want to do anything!

With my back pain, I can't run today, which has got me totally bummed out. Even though I complain about how hard my runs are, I look forward to them because I know they are making me stronger and getting me closer to my goal. I hope I'm only sidelined for a few days. I have to make 50 miles before the month is over, so there might be some serious catch up going on!

Getting a white belt (excuse the blurry
iPhone photo)!

Shelby earned her white belt this week. I normally take her to karate, but this week I'm traveling, so Mike took her. He was able to see her earn her very first belt. She was thrilled. She loves karate far more than we expected and keeps asking is she can go more than just one day a week.

I took Shelby shopping last week to get some new fall clothes. It's not all that cold here yet, but there were some good sales and I wanted o get her some things before everything was sold out or picked over. We still need new coats for both kids, so also need to find those before they sale out. Every single time I take Shelby shopping she finds the hats in the store and models them for me. She's a constant source of entertainment! I love this girl. SO much.