From blog to layout

Sometimes I can't come up with ideas for layouts. I have to create a lot of them. On average, I have about 10 layouts per month for creative team assignments. Sometimes, the layouts just come ... and I have an all sorts of ideas for the journaling, the design or certain photos just need to be scrapped. But there are other times, I just hit a wall. I go in fits and spurts. I'm sure you can relate.

So when I am struggling with creating a layout, I mine my own blog. I scroll through the various posts and find a story I want to scrap. I copy the text of the post and use it for the journaling. And I use the photos as well. I know, it's not rocket science. It's actually pretty simple, but sometimes I forget I have created such an awesome personal resource.

Here's one of my latest blog to layout creations:

Credits: Matryoshka Kit, PxlCafe; Hero Font; and
Impact Font