Self portraits

I have been plugging away a my weekly self-portrait project. I wish my portraits where more inventive, but at least I'm doing 'em, right?

Week 38:

Mad face. Mike calls this my mad face. I was having one of those days and I felt like I was going to explode .. so this is my artistic interpretation of my head, about to explode.


Week 37:

Me and my girl at the Grand Canyon. Shelby seriously didn't want to the Grand Canyon. Who doesn't want to go to the Grand Canyon. She thought it was going to be boring. When we told her there would be a gift shop, then she was at least "willing" to go. Once she got there, she loved it. It was amazing and so cool to share with Shelby and Coop (Mike and I had never been there as well, so it was a first for all four of us). While there, Shelby sort of commandeered my camera, and took tons of pictures. And some of the pictures she took were really good. She has quite an artistic eye.


Week 36:

Silly face and wrinkles. I was in the elevator at the Des Moines Register when I took this photo. I was bored and making silly faces into my camera as I rode the elevator to my floor. When I'm silly, you see my wrinkles more. I'm not sure if I like this. But it did make me laugh, so a few wrinkles can't be that bad (right?). It does make me think more about Botox. Maybe for my 40th birthday ....