Pirate Girl

Shelby loves Halloween. She has been dying to wear her costume and finally had a chance. Here she is, our Princess of the Sea, as we were heading out for her school carnival. As I looked at these photos, it nearly brought tears to my eyes ... Shelby really is my mini-me. And these photos are just more evidence of that. Minus a few freckles, she's a dead ringer for her mama circa 1981.

The school carnival was awesome. Shelby had a great time playing games and running around with her friends. She and I stayed until the very end, since I was running the booth for Cooper's class. Cooper loved the bounce house. So much so it was a battle to get him out. One of his teachers was dressed up like a vampire, and he didn't like that one bit. Daddy and Coop went home early ... Coop was tired and Daddy wanted to watch the last game of the World Series ... so everyone was happy!