The UPS Man

Have you ever seen a cuter UPS man? Coop suited up into his Halloween costume a little early for a field trip to a local assisted living center. The kids visited with the residents, did a little trick-or-treating and then were rewarded with a party.

I was lucky enough to go with Cooper's class and we pulled up to the assisted living center at the exact same time as a REAL UPS driver. When he saw Cooper, he went nuts. He obviously loved the costume and asked to take pictures of Coop in front of his truck. This guy was so enthusiastic. He was on the ground, in the dirt and rocks, so he could get the best shot and the best angle. The result? The adorable photo above, which he kindly texted to me! How cool is that? So, if Coop shows up on the UPS web site, you'll know why.

On another note, slightly related but not really ... Cooper was so sweet with the residents at Manor Care. He walked up to countless men and women, patted their hands, hugged them, kissed them, shared his treats with them .... he has such a warm and tender heart. He walked through the building cheerfully calling "Hello, Happy Halloween." It was precious to watch.