It's a Sign

I didn't get out of the house much today. I had/have a lot of work to do. It has been a productive week on the work front, and today was no different. Tonight, we went to the kids' school for their annual Cultural Fair. Each class has been studying a different country and everything they'd learned (and worked on) was on display. Shelby's class had China and Cooper's class had Mexico. The kids got little passports and went from class to class filling their books. Coop stayed in China most of the night, playing in the child-sized pagoda Shelby's class had made. Shelby loved the chance to run around with her friends, eat goodies from around the world and show off her hard work. 
On the way home, we picked up some Panda Express ... Shelby's choice of course. After dinner: I broke into my fortune cookie and this is what I got: You will overcome difficult times. Now, that's great and all. A very positive message and in most cases it would buoy me up after a bad day, week or even year. However, it also implies there are (more) difficult times ahead. And frankly, I'm all done with difficult. I'm ready for easy. I think I'm going to back-date this fortune. I'll pretend it showed up years ago ... and I've happily overcome difficult times. Am I allowed to do that?
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