Some scrappy goodness

Created for The Daily Digi using a Fiddle Dee 
Dee Template which is included in the December 2011 Digi Files.
Additional supplies: Exclusive "Celebrate" Kit from The Daily Digi;
Typewriter Scribble Font; and CK Ali Font

Some of the layouts I created for the December Digi Files have been posted over at the Daily Digi, so I can share them now. The layout above is one of my favorites and illustrates a new, personal trend: texted photos. Whenever I'm away from home, and I feel like I'm missing out, I ask (beg) Mike to text me photos of what they are doing. On this day, I was working at Florida Today and Mike took the kids to a carnival one of his clients was hosting. Cooper spent the better part of the outing in the bounce castle. And had to be forcefully removed ... multiple times. Even though I wasn't there, I feel like I was. I appreciate that my husband willingly sends me the photos and makes an effort to help me document our stories.

Lauren Reid's "Call Me" kit for The Digi Files December 2011
Additional credits: Eva Kipler, Stitching, Always There Kit;
Crystal Wilkerson, staple; Hero font; and CK Ali font.
I've also been using a ton of iPhone photos on my pages. This self-portrait was taken with my iPhone and then tweaked using the Instagram ap, which I love. I seriously love taking photos with my phone. I always, always have it with me ... so there is a greater likelihood of my actually capturing the moment if I use me phone. So I do. And I don't stress too much if the photo isn't perfect. I'd rather have a crappy photo than no photo at all.