Twinkle, Twinkle

This little man has a twinkle in his eye. We can be sitting on the couch, doing nothing and he'll giggle and twinkle for hours. He's happy, all the time. It's quite adorable and infectious. (I say this all the time, and I'll keep saying it since it's quite amazing to me. I'm not sure where his jolly demeanor comes from, but I'll gladly take it).
Last night we took the kids to an event at a local mall. During December they "make it snow" a couple nights a week. For kiddos who live in Southern Arizona snow is a rare treat. There were carolers, hot chocolate and lots of excited kids. When the snow started, Cooper clapped and exclaimed "I see da snow. I see da snow" Over and over again. The twinkle in his eye was even brighter at that moment. He was thrilled. 
Then, we took the kids to dinner. It was late ... at least for our kids. We didn't even sit down at our table until about 7:30 p.m. and the food didn't arrive until after 8 p.m. But both kids were angels. They colored. They chatted quietly. There were friendly games of tic-tac-toe. And Cooper entertained us with his silliness and twinkle. 
It was a magical, twinkly kind of night.
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