Keep a Contented Heart {A Blog Hop}

Welcome to A Happiness Blog Hop! This month our theme is "Keep a Contented Heart." You should have arrived from Take a Picture and Remember This. So glad to have you here.

I struggle with keeping a contented heart. Not just with scrapbooking, but with everything. I think I can always be doing more or doing "it" better. I compare myself to others and inevitably I feel discouraged.

In an attempt to be more content, I've come up with the a three part plan to banish my insecurities:

1. Stop looking: I spend way too much time surfing the Web, looking and reading about all the "things" other people do. I'm done. I'm going to turn away. Doing stuff, anything, makes me happy. So rather than torturing myself by sitting on the sidelines, watching others and comparing myself. I'm committing to doing more and looking less.

2. Have reasonable expectations: I'm a working mom of two busy kids. I cannot craft every single day, do all the housework, read a 15 books in a month, exercise daily, keep fancy meals on the table ... and the list goes on. Being more realistic about what I can do and what I really want to do will help me be more content. There are some things that never, ever excite me (housework), so I've found ways to get out of it and make times for things that do make me happy (scrapping or working in my art journal).

3. Ask for help: This is the hardest part for me. I struggle with asking for help. Hate it actually. But in order to make time for the things I want to do, I have to ask for help for the things I must do. It's impossible for me to take on more or do more if I don't ask for help. I either have to let something go or allow others to help me.

Bonus: Whenever I start to feel squirmy -- ya know what I mean -- squirmy because I'm out of sorts, not so happy and discouraged, then I turn to things that inspire me and fill my soul with joy. My daughter inspires me.

In this photo, Shelby was in awe of the Las Vegas Strip. She hadn't been back to Las Vegas in more than a year and she doesn't really remember living there. This trip she loved, loved everything about it. Seeing the joy on her face when she saw the lights of the Strip was precious and inspiring. I want to feel joy the way she does, the way you see in this photo.


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that during this busy time of year we'll be able to slow down a bit and being more contented. Next up in the hop is: Your Memory Connection.

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