Free Printable {Week 3}

I am SO enjoying the process of making digital art/printables. I should have started this years ago. I said I'd make a free printable a week and I'll confess, I'm doing more than one a week. I have to force myself to stop!

On my quest to be more creative a do more, I've had an epiphany. Do what you know. For the longest time I crafted, scrapped, painted, etc like everyone else was. I did what my friends were doing. Then I tried digital scrapbooking. And instantaneously, I found my scrappy home. I am a computer person. I work for a software company. I train people to use our software. I know computers. So why I hadn't explored sooner, I don't know. I think the major reason was because none of my friends were doing digi.

Since I've started making these printables, I realized my background in newspapers and typography makes this a perfect endeavor for me. I know computers. I know type. I know words. This is perfect for me. My husband even noticed. He mention how much more creative I've been lately and it can be directly related to following my own path and not trying to be like everyone else. this doesn't mean I don't do things others do (think Project Life), I just do them my way. Seriously, it's so incredibly freeing.

Download a high-res copy of my print here.

For this week's print, I created it as a 6x6, but it can easily be re sized and printed as a 5x7, which is what I did since I had an empty 5x7 frame in hand.

You can still get the printables for Weeks 1 and 2: here and here respectively. Download them. Print them out. I'd love to see what you've done with them! Check