Weight loss

Yesterday I was pretty discouraged about my weight loss journey. I was pretty certain my trip to Weight Watchers was going to show a weight gain. I'm almost to my goal weight, which means I'm not losing huge amounts any more, if anything at all. I haven't completely stalled, but close. 

Imagine my surprise when the Weight Watchers' scale informed me I lost .4 pounds. Not a huge loss. Not even half a pound. But I didn't gain, so I guess it's a small victory. Right? I feel like a big jerk for even typing that. Yes, I'm greedy. I want more. I want to be at my goal. The measly .4 pounds felt like another stab in my already wounded ego. 

And then I had a breakthrough. I stopped by the dry cleaners on the way home from Weight Watchers. I've been going to the same dry cleaners for years. The manager knows me by name and greets me with a big smile each time I drop in. When I walked in yesterday she said, "Mrs. Kalil have you lost weight? You look like you've lost a lot of weight." Music to my ears.

I know it's superficial, but it's really motivating to have someone not only notice I've lost weight but to have them point it out in a positive way.

As I was walking out of the dry cleaners, you friend said "keep up the good work, you're doing great." 

Thank you. I needed that. With new motivation, I'm back to focusing on moving more and eating less and well (making better choices).