It's almost that time again: LOAD TIME. Or for those of you not in the know, Layout a Day

It's a simple concept. For a month, in this case February 2012, you do a layout each and every day. The amazing Lain Ehmann sends you a prompt. You create a page. And you upload it to a special gallery before the end of the day. People look at your pages, heap praise on you and you feel fabulous. SERIOUSLY. You feel so great. 
My first LOAD was last February. I joined on a whim and am so grateful. When you scrap for a month straight you learn what you like and dislike. You develop a strong sense of style. And you nail down a work flow that works for you. I was hooked and have been LOADing ever since. 

Doing a layout a day might seem unmanageable. But it's not. I travel and work, a lot. I have two young and very busy kids. If anyone can argue they don't have time for LOAD, it would be me. Yet, I managed to make time to do it. I've scrapped on airplanes. I've scrapped in hotel rooms. I've scrapped late at night and early in the morning. I've even used my lunch break to scrap. We all have time for what's important and what matters to us. If telling your stories and recording your memories matter, then make some time for LOAD.

Go ahead, register. It will be the best $30 you spend all year. You will not be disappointed.


I was lucky enough to have Lain ask me to contribute some layouts (10 total) to LOAD 212, so I've had a peek at some of the prompts and let me tell you ... AWESOME. I love the theme of Past Perfect and the fun, "older" stories was able to tell.