Project Life Update

This is my 7th week of Project Life and I'm loving it. I feel like I'm getting into a good groove. I defitely need to incorporate more pictures of my husband and me. I take so many photos of the kiddos and only a few of Mike. Becuase I've been doing weekly self portraits, I have a few more of me than in years past, but still not as many as the kids. 

In the process of starting my album, I've learned a few things, the things that work for me.

1. Project Life Digital Templates are a must have for me. I love being able to clip my photos to the templates; planning my pages via the templates; and getting my pages/photos printed out at the perfect sizes via Costco.  I think without the templates I wouldn't have even started this project. Thank goodness for digi, it's what works for me ... even when I'm paper scrapping!

2. Insets. I love inserts. I really love the 6x12 inserts and have been using Ali's Words and Photos 6x12 Templates. For a couple of the inserts, I copied content directly from my blog and added photos. No need to reinvent the wheel. The words were already written and now they are all in one, central location.

3. This album matters to my family, even more than I expected. My husband told me this album, which is just 6 weeks old, is more meaningful than any scrapbook page I have ever created. I think the simplicity of it and the focus on everyday life is what makes it so special.

4. I love adding digital elements to my photos before I print them. Sentiments, frames, the story ... so much so, I spent some time this weekend looking for more digital supplies to add to my Project Life stash. I ended up with this, this and this. I'm sure I'll find more as the weeks pass, but for now this is a great start. 

5. I suck at taking pictures of my pages. I've sort of given up on traditional shots and am relying on Instagram to make the pictures look half way decent!

So what's working for you? any tips you can share? I'm all ears and would love to see what's working for everyone else.