Project Life: Weeks 1 and 2

I too, like so many others, decided to do Project Life this year. I bought all the goodies the last week in November and couldn't wait to start ... so I didn't. I started the week of Dec. 4th and love it. I do however feel a little, umm, a little frustrated that everywhere I turn someone is talking about Project Life or selling Project Life add-ons. It's overwhelming. It also makes me feel a bit like a sheep following the crowd ... but that's a whole different issue.

 So far, my system of using the digital templates as a guide for printing my photos is working perfectly. Also, I'm not stressing too much about embellishing my pages. If I do, great. If I don't, still great. Done is always best and better than memories not documented.

Finally, I've stopped looking at other people's pages. I love mine, because they're mine. My pages will never look like your pages, since you're not telling my story and vice versa. This is super hard for me. We all have a tendency to compare. It's human nature. But for me, it's especially bad.

My pages are hardly "fancy," but they are perfect. I love them and I love that my kids already love looking at them. Win, win  ... if I do say so myself!