Right Now: Cooper @ 2 years, 9 months

At the zoo: 1.1.2012

Loves M&Ms. This was discovered when I filled a Christmas candy bowl with M&Ms. Coop kept sneaking over and filling his little hand with the chocolates. Before I knew it, the dish was empty. He asks for more M&Ms multiple times a day. 

Mickey Mouse. Seriously. Cooper is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Before Christmas we rented a Mickey Mouse holiday-themed movie and as soon as the movie ended Coop started yelling "Mickey Mouse Holiday" over and over again until I played it again. I think he watched the movie about 15 times in the 24-hour rental period. As I type this, he's watching an episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." When it's over, I can count on him asking for more Mickey Mouse. And he'll keep asking, ALL DAY LONG. We're going to back to Disneyland for Spring Break (in March). I think Coop's head is going to explode when he meets Mickey Mouse -- that's how much he loves him.

Baby Doll. One day, early last month, we were grocery shopping and Cooper latched onto a $2.99 baby doll from the store's toy section. When I was checking out, he threw a major fit when I tried to take it away from him. I gave in and bought it. Since then, he sleeps with his baby, takes it with him everywhere and loves it.

Chatterbox. Cooper repeats everything we say and has so much to say about things. He can count in English and Spanish. He's learning his colors (in English and Spanish). He can sing the ABC song, along with many others. It's getting much easier to understand what he's saying and what he wants.

A lover: Cooper is a total lover and can play his mama like no one else. He offers kisses, right before he asks for M&Ms. He extends his hand and says "Hold my hand Mama." And then he demands I pick him up and hold him. And with every single kiss (and demand) I melt a little more. I adore this boy. Cooper gets cuddlier and cuddlier each day. He 'nuggles Mama. He 'nuggles Daddy. He 'nuggles Shelby. He's all about 'nuggling.

Not potty trained: Cooper is struggling with potty training. He talks about what potty training is. He understands the concept, but he's super stubborn.  He also leaks a lot, so we're not quite sure if there is another (medical) issue going on.

Stalling: Cooper loves to stall. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. And if he doesn't want to do it at that moment, he stalls. Like bedtime. He loves to run to the couch and say "I sit couch, I sit couch" when I announce it's bedtime.

Hats: Loves wearing hats. Unlike other kids, he doesn't take his hats off when you put it on him. In fact, getting the hat off is the hard part. He loves to wear them and will throw a fit when you try to take them off.
I love, love this boy. And I love how happy, joyful and full of life he is. He makes my days brighter. He's growing into such a lovely little buy.