Playing: New Lens

I got a new camera lens for Christmas (thank you Santa). It's not the fanciest lens ever, but I wanted to try a fixed lens and this was recommended as a good starter lens. We went to the zoo on Sunday. We have an annual membership, which is great because we can pop over for a few hours whenever we'd like. Taking Coop to places like the zoo is finally getting a little easier. He actually understand what they zoo is (ANIMALS!) and listens reasonably well. 

While we were at the zoo, I took lots of photos with my new lens. It was fun to play and Shelby is always a willing model. I am signed up to take a photography class next month and I can't wait. I would love to improve my photo skills in 2012.

I also played with the photos once I got them in Photoshop. I am much better at processing my photos that I am at actually taking them! I love Photoshop. I used this action to get the sun flair. I love The CoffeeShop Blog and all the actions there. I've actually purchased her big pack of actions and use them all time. But if you're not sure, try them for free. See if you like them, and then consider buying them. Here are some other good, free actions.