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Do: a verb (used with object)
1. to perform (an act, duty, role, etc.)
2. to execute (a piece or amount of work)
3. to accomplish; finish; complete
4. to put forth; exert
5. to be the cause of (good, harm, credit, etc.)
6. bring about; effect

Synonyms for do:  conclude, create, determine, discharge, do one's thing, effect, end, engage in, execute, finish, fix, fulfill, get ready, get with it, go for it, look after, operate, organize, perform, prepare, produce, pull off, see to, succeed, take care of business, take on, transact, undertake, wind up, work, wrap up

I'll tell you a secret: I just started reading "The Happiness Project". I've scanned it before. Checked out the topics that I needed to know to blog about it, but I hadn't really dove in and embraced it. But, when I started thinking about 2012, being happy and really DOing it, I was motivated to read the book. Can I just tell you, I love it! It makes so much sense to me.
My “One Little Word” for 2012 is DO. And "The Happiness Project" is all about DOing. I'm not somebody who doesn’t do. I actually do a lot. I work full time and travel extensively for business. I have two busy, active kids, with piano, karate, art class, homework, and preschool (to name just a few) on their schedules. I’m on three digital creative teams and scrapbook regularly for these assignments. See what I mean? I do a lot. 

My problem is I do things for the wrong reason (obligation); I put off doing the things I hate, but must (procrastination: think laundry, dishes, expense reports, packing for trips); I do not always focus on doing things that make me happy; and I spend a lot of time thinking about doing stuff and then second guessing myself (surfing the Web, looking at Pinterest, feeling inadequate, etc). 

I felt like focusing on do would allow me to better manage my time, do the things I enjoy and find greater joy in my being. I need to learn to relax more, play and laugh (I do these things, but not enough – just ask my kids and husband, I’m a little uptight and demand control). I need to stop putting off the things I dislike doing. The longer I put them off, the more stress they cause me. It’s not worth it and it’s a nasty cycle. I must stopping thinking and just do. Most of all, I need to stop comparing myself to others and wondering if what I’m doing is good enough. It is. My story, my art, my life … all matter. There is just one me. And this girl is going to spend 2011 DOing. 

My 2012 Love List

I made a 2012 Love List (inspired by this post). The list is a bunch of things I’d love to do in 2012. No pressure. If I do them: AWESOME. If I don’t: then I know I want to get to them in 2013. 

Some of the things on that list? Run a half marathon. Run a full marathon. Read a book a week. Create a new piece of digital art each week and give it away for free. Lose those last 5 pounds. Art journal each week. Spend more time with my kids. Smile more and laugh louder. Take a photography class, or two.

Some of the things I did in 2011 (All elements from PxlCafe)
I already have some 2012 plans to get me doing rather than thinking. We’re going to Disneyland for Spring Break. I scheduled a photography class in February (one with a real, live photographer). I’ll be attending a blogging conference in April. I’m returning to the Oregon Coast for a Be Present Retreat. I’m still going to Weight Watchers. I’m keeping up my running regime. And yesterday, to kick things off, we took the kids to the zoo just because. And guess what? I had fun, I laughed and I smiled – a lot. 

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