Cooper's Imagination

Cooper has always loved to take baths, but he recently has transferred some of that love to the shower. If anyone is in the shower, he starts stripping down and wants to jump in. He'll sob until we let home. So we do. Last week, I was in the shower, so Cooper was too. As I did all the stuff I do in the shower, Coop sat on the shower floor and played with a small rubber figurine. He started to put the little guy in various precarious position, making him be "stuck" under the shampoo bottle or hanging from the side of the wire organizational stand. When he'd get him into place the conversation (him to the figure) would go something like this:

Ooooh no! (mouth wide open, hands up in shock).
You stuck.
I recuse you.
Help. You need help.
I rescue you.

He'd free the little man and then do it all over again.

He spent the better part of 20 minutes playing this game. He only stopped because it was time to get out of the shower.

It's so fun to hear and watch him in the middle of imaginary play. He's starting to blossom, speak more and make up great little stories.

(I went to take a photo of the little figure he likes to play with and he's gone missing! Now I'm worried he went down the shower drain ... especially since it's suddenly started draining slower than usual. I don't think Coop can save him from that predicament!)