One Little Word: February

It’s amazing to me how powerful one little word can be. Each day, I’m guided by my word: DO.
When I don’t want to play games with my family because I am tired or cranky, I do.
When I don’t want to delay my return from a business trip, I do.
When I don’t want to eat another “healthy” meal, I do.
When I want don’t want to pull on my sneakers and break a sweat, I do.
When I don’t want to add just a little more exercise to my routine, I do.
When I don’t want to open another book and feed my mind, I do.
When I don’t think I matter or I shouldn’t take time to take care of me, I do.
When I don’t want to create -- not one more thing -- I do.
When I feel like stopping, I don’t. The more I do, the happier I am. I do. I will be. I am me. 


I created this layout to fulfill the February assignment for the One Little Word class be Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes. I'm not creating a separate album for all my OLW pages, instead I'll just be adding them to my Project Life album. I feel like my journey, my quest to do more in 2012, is quite relevant when it comes to the story of my family and should be included in our family book (Project Life). The changes I make and the things I do definitely effect them, as much as they do me.