{Free} Template Tuesday

I wanted to start a new feature here on my blog: Template Tuesday. Each Tuesday, I'll be posting a new {free} template. I most cases, the templates are based on layouts I've created and loved. Here's my first offering:

Download the layered template here.

Here's the layout I created and was the basis of the template:

That's my little brother, Chris, peeking out of the pantry. He's 30 now, so he's not so little anymore. But I will always see him as this little guy.

Journaling reads: 

My little brother was and is more than a little brother to me. I was 7 when he was born; he was like my own, real, live baby doll. I fed him. I played with him. I pushed him in a stroller around the house. I did anything my mom would let me! Chris was my mom’s 6th baby, so she was grateful for any help she could get. As Chris grew, we only got even closer. He came to me when he was sad. He slept under my bed when was scared. I fixed his boo-boos. He’s 30 now, but in my mind he’s still the lil’ boy hiding in the pantry. 


If you create a layout with this template, come back and share. I'd love to see what you do with it. Have a great Tuesday.