Take 12: February 2012

Twelve photos on the 12th. This month, the 12th fell on a Sunday, so the photos are a lot different. No rush to get to school. No after school programs. No “real” work for Mom or Dad. It’s fun to capture a totally different perspective of our lives.

1. Kids just woke up and watching Disney. Love the bed head.
2. Sore throat, so I had some tea. Sinus and allergy issues.
3. Coop is mad at me because I made him turn down the iPad at breakfast with Great-Great Aunt Dorothy. Clearly he’s giving me the stink eye.
4. Cooper decided he wanted to take a "nap" in the cart at Target.
5. Shopping for a Valentine's Day gift for my hubby: hiking boots.
6. While Cooper napped, I caught up on expense reports. Not my favorite thing to do.
7. Working on my page for LOAD. I created a page that compared my personality with Shelby’s.
8. Daddy took Shelby to see the ponies at the racetrack. She won $8. Good times.
9. Washing dishes and my little helper came over so he could play in the water.
10. Dinner prep. Lots and lots of veggies. I’d be a vegetarian if Mike wasn’t such a meat eater.
11. Home work time, with help from Daddy. Daddy deals with homework better than I do!
12. Kiddos asleep. I was working on Project Life, and Mike was studying tax stuff.