I adore

I'm sick ... yet again. I guess it's that time of year, so I'm not surprised. I seem to catch everything and with all the travel I do, I'm exposed to a lot.

I'm teaching a short workshop this week in the VERY cold city of Port Huron, MI. I've never been here before and frankly, it's far too cold for me. But, it's just about an hour and 20 minutes from Detroit where my youngest brother and his family happen to live ... so I get to visit them, which is a BIG perk. 

As I've been sitting in my hotel room feeling cruddy, I decided my layout for yesterday would be a pretty one. I didn't feel like making a layout and I really didn't want to have to think about journaling. BUT I didn't want to fall behind with LOAD .... so I made a pretty layout, one where I didn't think about anything other than adding pretty embellishments and a picture I love. I don't make layouts like this very often ... I prefer ones with journaling and some sort of story. But I also think this particular layout would be nice printed out, framed and displayed in our home ... so it's still matters and is worth my time.

Credits: Adore Kit from Baers Garten, Clementine Sketch font
and Hero font.


Another layout I made recently was this one:

Mike and I celebrated Valentine's Day on the 13th, since I had to travel on the 14th and because it was the day we could get a babysitter. We had a very yummy and fancy dinner before I made him see the ultimate chick flick -- The Vow. After the movie, we walked past a photo booth. I've tried to get him to go into photo booths with me before, but he'll never do it. I guess because it was our Valentine's Day, he agreed. I love the way our photos turned out and I immediately wanted to scrap them. I think photo booths are fabulous. Any time I pass one with Shelby, we ALWAYS jump in. It's fun and spontaneous way to capture life and special (or ordinary) moments. Is there a photo booth in your town? Jump in. Take a photo. See what you get ... I'd love to see it!