Project Life: Weeks 9 and 10

I love, love this project. I wasn't sure I was going. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep up. I wasn't sure anyone in my family would care that I'm doing it. But I do, I am and they do.

My husband has been regularly texting and emailing me photos of things that happen while I'm away on business and even adding photos of himself saying, "I don't want to look back at this album and have everyone ask, 'Where was Dad in 2012.' " So, he's personally making sure that there are plenty of pictures of himself in your Project Life album. My daughter is now putting her art and school work on my desk, so it can be included as well. It's becoming a family endeavor. And I love it.

I can't say how grateful I am for the digital templates. It allows me to keep going, as well as keep up even when I'm traveling.Here's what my digi templates looked like when I was done, before I cut them all up and put them into the photo pocket pages. Because I had been traveling this particular week, I did most of embellishing digitally. I created the title page for the week (upper right square on left page) with paper and other physical goodies ..

Week 9: Left page

Week 9: right page
In the album, I included some art work from both Shelby and Cooper, as well as Shelby's spelling test, which she got 100%.


And here's a look at Week 10:

Week 10, left page

Week 10, right page

I also did some inserts for Week 10 ... since it was a pretty significant week for us given all that happened with Cassius.  For the insert I took one of the blog posts I created last week and just copied and pasted the text. I had thought about making a collage of some photos of Cassius through the years, but I settled on my all time favorite photo of Cassius (from last year).

So how's Project Life going for you? Keeping up? Loving it? Any tips? Do share ... I want to know!