LOAD Day 1: The Red Birthday Plate

I'm still awake (I worked a late shift at the newspaper today), so when my first prompt for LOAD  (Layout a Day) came, I jumped right on it. I had a secret desire to be the very first person to post a layout in the gallery. I was! Woo hoo for me. 

The prompt for today is/was "You've Got Good Taste." As the prompt would suggest, you could scrap about anything related to food. I immediately thought of a special plate my mom made when we were kids. It only came out on our birthdays and it made the birthday kiddo feel so special. The plate we had looked exactly like the one on my page. I'm not sure if my mom still has it. I hope she does. I'd love to get my hands on it! 

I love that scrapbooking reminded me of this red plate and I was able to capture this story and save it forever. I also love that in remembering the plate I am reminded of the childhood tradtions I loved so much and want to share with my own children. 

Journaling reads:

As a child, my family had a tradition of “the special birthday plate.” It was a shiny red plate my mom had made and painted herself. And on our birthday it came down from a high cupboard and the guest of honor got to eat his or her dinner on the fancy, beautiful plate. I loved it when it was my turn and I was the one with the red plate at my seat. I felt SO special. I’m not even sure if my mom still has this plate., but I think it’s time I made a plate of my own and started the same tradition with my kids.