Some new layouts

I  know. I know. I've been quite a slacker when it comes to posting my layouts. I've been making all sorts of layouts, many for projects and assignments for The Daily Digi, PxlCafe and Layout a Day ... and many of them I can't share just yet. But, I'm still creating. And I'm super happy with the progress of my Project Life album, so my scrappy heart is singing.

Created for the Daily Digi using the February 2012 Digi Files
Love Is Kit and template (modified) Vrinda and CK Ali fonts;
and Coffee Shop Sunkissed Photoshop Action
For this layout, I used some of my favorite photos of Shelby ... ones I took at the zoo on January 1. Shelby was more than willing to pose for me while I played with my new lens. She's quite the little model (or ham, whichever you'd like to call her!).

A Day at the Park kit from PxlCafe

Journaling reads:

Cooper has playground radar. If there’s a park close by, he knows it; and he wants to stop and play. Once you’re there, he never wants to leave. This kid can play! 

The photo was taken at the park Jan, 2nd. Mike and I both have been trying to take the kids to the park more since the love it. They love being outside and since the weather in Arizona is so good, why not? Isn't Cooper adorable? He's such a character right now. I just adore him.


Music to my Ears Kit from PxlCafe
Journaling reads:

Cooper love music.He doesn’t care what what song or genre you might be playing,
he loves it all. And the louder the better. If I try and turn it down, he protests. “Turn it up Mama,” he’ll yell. And at the end of each song he proclaims, with his head nodding, “Good song. Good song.” Each night, we play him a song on our iPhones. We used to sing to him, but he prefers to listen to a new tune each night. You are my little music man.  

Credits: Hero Font, CK Ali Font, Anna Aspnes Girl Craze Kit, Letters (modified): Genia Beana
Word strip (girl): Not sure, super old!

 Journaling reads:

When I was little, I thought I’d have at least six babies, all before I was 30.

I didn’t. I have two and didn’t have them until my 30th and 35th years (respectively).

I always thought I’d be a stay-at-home mom.

I’m not. In fact, I work and travel for business, a lot.

I never fathomed being in the Army, thought never crossed my mind.

But when I was 18 it piqued my interest, and in a moment of insanity I joined the Army and spent four year active duty and 10 years in the Reserves.

I always assumed I wouldn’t go to college, since I’d be busy having and taking care of babies.

But I did go to college (Brigham Young University), where I studied journalism and started my newspaper career.

I never thought about writing as a career, in fact I couldn’t imagine anyone paying me to tell a story.

Yet I’ve written countless stories, have been published in many newspapers and have even won national level writing awards. Oh yeah, and I’ve been paid to do it all along the way.

I planned on getting married young; getting married once; and living happily ever after.

That didn’t happen. I did get married young (19) and then got divorced young (21). But I went on to marry again; we’re still married; and we have two previous children.

My life hasn’t turned out anything like I thought it would, but exactly as it should. I’m grateful I found my path, even if it wasn’t what l expected or planned – it’s my path. And I’m me.