Project Life: Week 8

I'm still traveling. I left for this business trip on at the beginning of Week 8 and will arrive home at the end of Week 9. So all my pages are purely digital at this point. I'm going to upload them to Costco on Sunday and then assemble the hybrid versions of the pages as soon as possible. I'm itching to get all the pieces in the pockets and call them done. I haven't created any inserts for this particular week. My plan is to just stick Shelby's spelling test from the week (she got 100% after a few weeks of struggling) in a 6x12 page protector. I'm going to check their back packs for some artwork to put on the opposite side.

Left side: I'll be uploading this file to Costco, printing it there and then
cutting it all up to place in the traditional photo pocket pages. I'll also
embellish as needed.

Using the templates and creating my pages digitally has been a lifesaver. There is no way I could keep up while traveling if I didn't do it this way. I really love that I'm staying on top of things. I did a lot of my journaling on the computer this week. I'd sort of prefer to hand write the journaling, but I'm also being realistic -- if I'm not home and don't have my physical Project Life supplies with me, I should just bite the bullet, stay ahead of things and use my computer for journaling. 
Right side: I left a spot on this side for my hotel room key.
And I saved my movie tickets, so I'll add those as well.

My new sewing machine is waiting at home for me, so I plan on using it for these pages once I have the prints in my hands! I have also been picking up little supplies along the way, like these adorable journaling cards:

Too be honest, I ended up buying four different sets of journaling cards from Splendid Fiins (all available here). I like variety, so I keep picking up journaling cards when I see them. I got these too:

I need to stop shopping for a few weeks and just use what I have and then decide if I need anything more. But it's SO hard. And they are SO cute. And for $2 here and $1 here ... it seems like I'm hardly shopping at all.

Well that's about it for this week. I'm two months into Project Life and I'm still loving. And most telling is the fact that I'm still loving it even as I travel and have to be more creative in how I keep up and tell my family's story. How are you doing?