LOAD: Day 2

The first of 10 layouts I created for Lain and Layout a Day was featured today as part of the prompt: Your Favorite Photo.  As I had old photos spread across my floor (photo above), working on Past Perfect pages, this photo jumped out at me. I love my little brother. He’s always held a special place in my heart. It’s a story I wanted to tell, a story I wanted to preserve.

Journaling reads:

My little brother was and is more than a little brother to me. I was 7 when he was born; he was like my own, real, live baby doll. I fed him. I played with him. I pushed him in a stroller around the house. I did anything my mom would let me! Chris was my mom’s 6th baby, so she was grateful for any help she could get. As Chris grew, we only got even closer. He came to me when he was sad. He  slept under my bed when was scared. I fixed his boo-boos. He’s 30 now, but in my mind he’s still the lil’ boy hiding in the pantry.


And now here's the layout I created today for the same prompt ... the photo it self isn't the most technically perfect perfect, but it's sweet and I love the happy looks on all of our faces. I took the photo on my iPhone when I was doing FaceTime with Mike and Shelby, something we do each night when I'm traveling. 

 Journaling reads:

I won’t lie: traveling and being the mom of two small kids can be tough. There are a lot of perks -- airline miles, nearly free trips to Disneyland, flexible schedules -- but sometimes “perks” don’t matter to a 7-year-old who wants her mama. We’ve been using FaceTime and Skype a lot lately and that seems to ease some of the sadness and frustration that comes when Shelby is missing Mama and I’m missing Shelby (it’s tough on all of us, even me). This particular FT session Shelby declared “Mom, it’s like you’re here. It’s a lot easier when we video chat all the time, it’s like you’re with us. I don’t miss you as much when we do this.” Hallelujah! I’ll take any help I can get and modern technology is a HUGE help. I’m grateful to add FaceTime into our nightly routine and see the faces I love so much, even when I’m on the other side of the country.