{Free} Template Tuesday

Hello there. It's me again. And it's Tuesday, which means it's free template time! 

Clearly I have a thing for circles. I've been trying to pay more attention to trends in my scrapping, designing and pinning. And clearly, I have a thing for circles. I'm loving circles.

This template was based on another one of my favorite layouts as of late. I love the story it tells and I love the photo I used ... but I'll get back to that in a minute. First, here's this week's template:

Download our own copy of the layered, PSD file here.

And here's the layout I based the template on:

Click for credits.

Love, love this photo. Love this doll. And I love this girl. When I snapped this photo it was a little darker than I would have liked, so I used a CoffeeShop Photoshop action to lighten it up and make it more artistic. The colors of photo after I played with played a major role in the supplies/colors I used on this layout. And of course, it had lots of circles ... my favorite thing (right now). 

Journaling reads:

Some time in the early ‘80s, my mom stood in line all night to get me a Cabbage Patch
Kid. It was Christmas, and she was determined to get me and my sister the “hot” item. After waiting for hours, my mom managed to get two babies, both preemie African-American dolls. My sister and I loved them, even if the color of our dolls raised eyebrows in our super-white, super-suburban Los Angeles County neighborhood. I got the girl baby named Jessica. She was sweet and so precious. I loved her for years, until I outgrew her and she went into a box. A few months ago, Shelby found Jessica when I was going through old boxes. It was love at first sight. Since that day, Shelby has slept with Jessica every, single night; and toted her all over the place. I was Jessica’s first love, first mama. And now my daughter is loving her. How precious is this? Love. Forever love.