The robe

Shelby and her beloved robe

Shelby hates to wear pajamas. It's a relatively new thing. Every time we send her upstairs to get ready for bed, she takes her clothes off and dons a robe over her underwear ... instead of pajamas. 

It makes me laugh as I see her lounging around in her robe. She sort of reminds me of Hugh Hefner in his smoking jacket; and I've met Hef at the Playboy Mansion when he was wearing one of his infamous smoking jackets ... so I know. 

Isn't it funny the things we like and dislike? Shelby is pretty particular about a lot of things. She likes her routines. She is very particular about her clothes and "style." And she's super particular about not wearing pajamas. Since it doesn't hurt anyone, we let her. She says it's because she gets too hot at night. I wonder if she'll feel the same way a year from now?