Selfies: 2012

I'm an all or nothing sort of person. I'm either totally committed to a project or I'm not. There are times when I start a project (or a book) and I just don't like it. I struggle a bit quitting in the middle (I always, always finish any book I start). Most of the time I power through it. However, in most cases, I'm pretty good at choosing the things that I'll be willing to go the distance with. I make it a point not to waste my time with things that aren't the right fit for me. 

My self portrait project is the perfect example of something I knew I'd love, I do love and I'm totally committed to. My selfies aren't fancy. Mostly they're taken with my iPhone. But I religiously take one each and every week. I started in 2011 and I'm still going in 2012.I love the story these photos tell and that it's my story ... just me and no one else.

Week 11

Weeks 1-10, 2012
Any major projects you're working on? Any that you love? Or any you hated and abandoned?